Pastoral Care is central to our offering at the Academy. Young people need to be protected and cared for, while at the same time given the confidence to start to live a little more independently.

Every student will have a number of adult role models for help and support, including all the experience of the faculty at Loughborough College. There are the teachers, coaches and residence monitor, all of whom are here for the academic, athletic and personal welfare of the students.  Whatever the issue, whatever the support, the staff at Loughborough College have experienced it before. They deal on a daily basis with international students, with student athletes and with boarders.

We will aim to foster a supportive environment between the students themselves, as well as helping them to make good decisions and planning for the years immediately following the Academy as they take their first steps into the wider world.

Living away from home and in another country presents challenges for any young person. We understand there may be times where the students experience a sense of disorientation, homesickness or just need to be left alone as they process where they are and find their place.