Life After the Academy

The BEST Centre Academy is not your destination, it is part of your journey.

We believe very strongly that your time with us should be preparing you for the next chapters of your life. We have no idea where your road will take you and for some, you will find yourself at dead ends, in traffic jams, on diversions and sometimes even heading in the wrong direction. With our help, you will find your way to the larger, better maintained roads where you will travel more quickly to places you want to get to, and these roads will take you to the highways and motorways where you know exactly where you are heading.

We hope some of you will compete in the Olympics, win a world or European medal, play at a Grand Slam tennis tournament or run out in front of a packed Premiership crowd at Old Trafford or Anfield. We know that these are the very highest heights of sport, reserved for the very few, and most of our students will never reach these goals.

We know that the greatest crime is not to set your sights too high, and miss; it is to set your ambition too low, and hit. We also know that it is not what you win but who you become and we want you to love your journey, whatever the highs and lows you experience. We want to help you on your sporting journey, whether this takes you to a professional career, or takes you to college in the US, or the UK or elsewhere, or opens your eyes to the vast number of careers out there for people who love sport. We will help you wherever you want to go.

We hope you perform in your sport for as long as you can and to the highest level you can. At some point that will come to end, but your life in sport need not. You could be a teacher, a coach, an official, a sports scientist, a sports therapist, a nutritionist or a psychologist, in any sport you choose. You could work at a national governing body, or an international sports federation, or a sports team, you could work in journalism, communications, PR, marketing, IT, branding, rights holding, advertising, TV production, video editing, graphic design, accreditation services, or at any one of a thousand sporting events in any sport in any country in the world.

So as you can see, you have a whole life to live. Two years at the BEST Centre Academy is just the beginning…