Sport doesn’t build character… it reveals character.

Our Football Programme will aim to give all players a thorough understanding of the game and the skills and fitness to be attractive to the professional teams around Europe.

The football pitch is a 4G all weather pitch located just a 5 minute walk from the Residencia or classroom. There are 2 other pitches we can use which are a 10 and 15 minute ride away.

We will have a men’s team and a women’s team who will train 8 sessions per week as well as gym work and land work.  There will be classroom sessions for theory and tactical knowledge.

More information on the training programme will be here in due course.  The first intake of players will not be before September 2019.

We know that the VAST MAJORITY of our Academy players will never reach the top leagues of any of the major countries in Europe, but some might.  Out goal is not to offer you a ticket to the Premiership.  Our goal is to give you opportunities in the sport, of which there are a great many.  At best, you will be seen as someone who is resilient, who makes good decisions, is fit, skilful, tactically aware and a player who can be developed by a club programme and begin a playing career.  At worst, you will be someone with a love of the game, the qualifications to go to university, and an understanding that the world of football is vast and has a place for you.

Every professional football club in the world needs managers, coaches, administrators, physios and sports scientists as well as experts in communications, infrastructure, IT, event organising and a host of other roles.  Every major event in the world needs massive teams to come together to make the event work.  There are volunteers to coordinate, IT systems to put in place, accreditation to manage, TV pictures to produce and broadcast, media venues to manage and work in as well as a hundred other jobs for thousands of people.