The Education Offer:

The education will be provided by Loughborough College, one of the leading Sports Colleges in the UK.  The Loughborough Sport brand is synonymous for excellence and enjoys the highest reputation both in the UK and internationally.  It is important to understand that the entire educational component of the BEST Centre Academy will be in the hands of Loughborough College.  Students will graduate with the same qualifications as the other 1,100 students based at the Loughborough College campus in the UK, will be taught by the same teachers and have access to the vast resources that Loughborough College brings.

The educational offer will comprise the BTEC 90 credit Diploma in Sport in year 1 followed by the Extended Diploma in Sport in year 2.  This will enable students to apply for University places in the US, the UK and elsewhere around the world after graduation.

There will be 15-20 hours of classroom time per week, plus additional hours of private study.

The following units will be studied:

Year 1:

  • Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport
  • The Physiology of Fitness
  • Assessing Risk in Sport
  • Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise
  • Fitness Training and Programming
  • Technical and Tactical Skills in Sport
  • Sports Development
  • Rules, Regulations and Officiating in Sport
  • Sports Coaching
  • Practical Sport (Individual or Team)

Year 2

  • Current Issues in Sport
  • Exercise, Health and Lifestyle
  • Physical Education and the Care of Children and Young People
  • Work Experience in Sport
  • Analysis of Sports Performance
  • Talent Identification and Development in Sport
  • Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise


Students will also study a Loughborough College Certificate in Sporting Excellence which is a performance development qualification requiring performers to constantly work with coaches, and teachers to plan, apply and evaluate their performance. One-to one sessions are carried out which are specific to the individual performer and this is supported by underpinning knowledge. A unique portfolio is used which documents and evidences a performer’s progression and knowledge. The following areas are covered:

  • Manage own career in sport
  • Maintain the health and safety of self and others at training and competition venues
  • Plan, apply, and evaluate own tactical skills to achieve excellence in a sport
  • Plan apply, and evaluate own technical skills to achieve excellence in a sport
  • Plan, apply, and evaluate own physical capability to achieve excellence in sport
  • Plan, apply, and evaluate own nutritional programme to achieve excellence in sport
  • Plan, apply, and evaluate own mental skills and attitudes to achieve excellence in sport
  • Plan and manage own lifestyle to achieve excellence in sport
  • Communicate and work effectively with other people to achieve excellence in sport

Personal coaching will be a key part of the education offer. This is a successful tool for target setting, monitoring performance, developing intervention strategies where identified and providing effective linkage between teachers, sports coaches and parents/carers. There will also be an emphasis on the development of employability skills.

The entry requirements for this course are the equivalent of a minimum of five GCSEs including Maths and English. Non-UK students will need IELTs level five in all areas.