The accommodation will be at the “Residencia”. The Residencia is a 5 minute walk from the BEST Centre, the running track and football pitch and the tennis courts.

There are 7 rooms of between 2 and 6 beds, to accommodate up to 35 students.  The large 6 bed rooms are divided into smaller spaces of 2-3 beds.  There is a large communal room/dining room, smaller study room, kitchen and small dining room and outside spaces in front and behind the residencia building with outside furniture.  There is also a washing machine and drying area.

There are separate wet rooms containing showers, sinks and toilets. There are also three showers outside.

The Residencia is located just a short walk from the harbour area with the town beach, cafes, restaurants and shops.  There is a supermarket just 50m away.

There will be rules of behaviour in place at all times while in the Residencia.  Students will be granted some freedom and independence and will be expected to take responsibility for their behaviour at all times.  All students will accept that common sense rules need to be in place to the benefit of everyone. The full set of rules of behaviour and the disciplinary process can be seen here.