We look at the future more than the past.  There are no minimum athletic standards you need to meet.  If you are wanting to compete at the county level, or wanting to make the national team, and you are attracted to an education or career in sport, you are welcome to apply.  The vast majority of athletes will not make the Olympic team or compete in the World Cup finals.  But they will probably love sport.  We will enable you to pursue your sporting ambitions and open your eyes to the enormous and varied careers that exist in the world of sport.

Your first point of contact for questions and to register your interest in the Academy is to call or email James Parrack, one of the directors of the BEST Centre and the director of the Academy.

james(at) | +33 (0)6 87 28 73 68

Educational standards

There are educational standards to meet.  When you step into the classroom at the BEST Centre Academy, you are stepping into a classroom at Loughborough College.

Students will study the BTEC 90 credit Diploma in Sport (Development, Fitness and Coaching) in year 1, followed by the Extended Diploma in Sport (Development, Fitness and Coaching) in year 2.

Students will also study a Loughborough College Certificate in Sporting Excellence.

Entry onto the course requires the equivalent of 5 GCSEs including Maths and English.  Non-UK students and all students for whom English is not their first language, will need IELTs level 5 in all areas.

On a case by case basis, for those students who do not meet the entry requirements, there is the possibility to take the qualifications you need alongside your first year of study.

For all questions regarding academic admissions into the BTEC course, contact the head of sport at Loughborough College:

Helen Van Aardt: Helen.VanAardt(at)