The story of the BEST Centre and the BEST Centre Academy

The BEST Centre Academy is has grown from working with the thousands of young people who come through our doors every year and onto the pool deck at the BEST Centre.

The founders of the BEST Centre, former Olympic swimmers Matthew O’Connor and James Parrack, had set up a small, bespoke tour operator in 2001, organising swimming and triathlon training camps around the world and started a summer family swim programme in 2004. Their vision was to build their own swim and triathlon centre and when the pair arrived at the beach town of Colonia Sant Jordi, the future was set and the BEST Centre opened its doors for the first time on 4 July 2009.

BEST Swim Centre

The Centre quickly established itself as one of the premier destinations for training camps for all level of swimmer, from small clubs coming away on their first trip abroad, to national teams preparing for the Olympic Games. To date, over 70 Olympic and World medallists have trained with us at the BEST Centre.

With the Olympic pool, gym, football pitch and running track, clay court tennis courts, soft running trails, open water swimming and some of the best cycling terrain in Europe, the facilities in Colonia Sant Jordi are now world class.

The people who train with us love the training centre, the town and the beaches, and we have made many, many friendships over the years. We realised though, that we wanted to have a more long lasting impact on a young person’s life. To live and train in a wonderful part of the world, at some of the best sports facilities in Europe, surrounded by the world’s elite athletes, with an education delivered by the number one provider of sports education in the UK, can have a profound impact on developing the character and sporting ambitions of student athletes as they transition towards becoming young adults and consider the future direction of their lives.

This is who we are and why we are here. We are ready to find out who you are, and help to shape who you will become. Because, as you will see throughout our Academy, the most important thing is not what you WIN in sport, it is who you BECOME from your sport.

Key personnel at the BEST Centre Academy:

  • James Parrack
  • Matthew O’Connor
  • Helen Van Aardt, Director of Sport at Loughborough College
  • To be Confirmed, Head Swimming Coach
  • Pamela Geijo, Head Triathlon Coach