We are not here to make champions, we are here to make champions inevitable.”

We know this will take a while but oak trees and acorns being what they are, we see this as one part of the vision of our Academy.  It is one part, because the larger truth is that the most important lesson we can teach is that it is not what you win in your sport, it is who you become from your sport.

We are sure some Academy students will become champions, just as we are also sure that first and foremost, we are here to build the values and character in all our student athletes to help them become highly performing people; people who know how to win and to lose, how to share their success and support others in defeat, people who are resilient, independent, respectful of others and who are a positive influence on those around them, people who lift others up to the greatest of heights and people who will give more to the world than they will take from it.  For in these people exist the greatest of champions.

We are here to help make you the person you will become and you are welcome with us whatever your level of sporting success.  We are here to educate you, to train you and to help set your future pathways in your sport and the wider world as you enter the next chapters of your life.

Your future starts here.